Snob Le Galion Paris

This stunning work of advertising art was produced by Jean-Claude Maurel in 1956 for French perfume house Le Galion. The image shows a woman with a nonchalant, haughty expression, embodying the attitude which the fragrance’s name, Snob, was intended to reflect. This attitude was one of feminine confidence and wealthy sophistication which the ‘New Look’ launched by a Christian Dior fashion show in 1947 opened up. It is an attitude characteristic of the fifties, which this stylish work of commercial art will bring to any interior.




This original print was published in a periodical from 1956.

We do not sell reproductions. Your art comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This original print was published in a periodical from 1956.

Your art comes with a certificate of authenticity.





Claude Maurel


Framed advert


24.5 × 31.5cm | 9"44 x 12"2

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Frame Specifications

Size: 32.7 × 42.7cm or 12.87″ x 16.81″

Frame material: anodised aluminium

Color: black

Glass: “float”

At VAA we deploy modern technology to preserve these antique illustrations. The uniquely hard-wearing frames we use are designed in Switzerland; their durability results from the process of anodising. Anodising is a surface treatment which protects and decorates aluminium using an anodic oxidation process. As a result of this, these frames are especially resistant to corrosion and heat, protecting this vintage art from wear and tear.
We frame each illustration ourselves in our workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland. The float glass we use is crystal clear with a very flat surface and carefully polished edges. The frames are 32.7 × 42.7cm (12.87″ x 16.81″). The result? We present you with a period illustration- a genuine antique- enclosed by a frame of the highest quality. In this way, we like to think we’re bringing modern technology and antique artistry together.


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